Our Price 42K

Purchase the best Ice Vending machine in Australia! Fast, Efficient, Reliable, built-in advance technology with smart.phone access and can produce 450kg of ice 24/7

Sub Zero Ice Kubes can offer your business a passive income $$

Kick-start your side hussle with Sub Zero Ice Kubes! Our supplier Ice Rebus - vending machines CRO450 provide you with the freshest, coldest ice kubes to cool off on a hot day. Our sleek design and custom baranding will suit any business looking to earn a passive income. Our refrigeration systems are powered by cutting-edge technology, so you can rest assured that you're getting the absolute best ice kubes available

What does it cost you? Absolutely nothing!

Option 1:

If we place one of our machines on your propert we will pay you through-out the whole process, we pay for the transportation ( Austalia wide) the installation, for the lease on your property, maintenenc and repairs, the cost of your utilities (water and power) and best of all, we offer 10% profit share from our ice vending machine on your site.$$ If you want to learn more about our 10% profit share? Contact us directly.

Option 2:

Purchase one of our ice vending machines directly from Sub Zero Ice Kubes to start a healthy passive income, just sit back and watch the money roll in! The price for CRO450 single unit is 42k

  1. No overheads
  2. No staff required
  3. Minimum maintenance (filter and bags)
  4. Runs 24/7
  5. Plug and play
  6. Easy installation 
  7. Weather proof can be placed outside in the elements.
  8.  We offer assistance to help you find a suitable location for your vending machine.
  9. Your ROI (return of investment) 1 half years.
  10. Call us directly for prices at 1300 806 117

ice rebus vending machine WA Australia

How can our Ice vending machine benefit your business? 

  • Bring extra foot traffic to your business
  • Your business can receive a passive income $$
  • You're are providing high quality, food grade ice to your customers and clients from your property/site.
  • Your customers have access to free WiFi from our vending machine!
  • Supporting the environment with choose NO plastic challenge.
  • Standing out from your competitors with partnering with Sub Zero Ice Kubes.  
  • Custom branding with your company logo on our vending machine.
  • State of the art remote access technology (Smart-Tech, at the push of a button from our tablet or phone) 

Finance Available!

Yes you can purchase your very own Sub Zero Ice Kubes CRO450. "Saint Finance" is a leading provider in Australia that has quick and easy steps to get the funding you need to kick start your side hussle. Ask for Jake or Travis

Upgraded UV filtration Package - Killing 99.999% of Bacteria and Viruses 

I am pleased to share that Sub Zero Ice Kubes has taken a pioneering approach to incorporate UV filtration technology in their vending machines, setting a new standard for ice vending in the community. This innovative feature aligns with Sub Zero Ice Kubes' core values of providing safe and reliable ice to their customers while continuously researching and implementing cutting-edge solutions to improve the ice vending experience.

Sub Zero Ice Kubes' vending machines utilize state-of-the-art UV filtration technology that has been proven to eliminate 99.999% of viruses and bacteria, including harmful pathogens that may be present in ice. The UV filtration system works by using powerful ultraviolet light to penetrate and disrupt the DNA of microorganisms, rendering them unable to replicate or cause harm. This ensures that the ice produced by Sub Zero Ice Kubes vending machines is of the highest quality, free from harmful contaminants, and safe for consumption.

kooler ice vending machine

Are you a non for profit organisation or club? You can receive a 10% profit share from Sub Zero Ice Kubes

Sub Zero Ice Kubes is offering a win-win proposition for your non-profit organisation. By partnering with us, you can generate revenue through our 10% profit share program, this means that your non-profit organisation can earn a passive income without any upfront costs or investment. We take care of all the operational costs associated with the ice vending machine the installation, maintnenace, utilities (power and water) and the cost of the lease area we could potentially occupy at your club. You wont pay a cent through the whole process. Your organisation can benefit from the financial support, and your club and community can enjoy the convenience of freshly vended ice. We would be thrilled to discuss further how Sub Zero Ice Kubes can benefit your non-profit organisation and make a positive impact on your community.

About CRO-450 Ice Rebus Vending machine

 ice vending machine business in Perth, WA


Sub Zero Ice Kubes is an ice vending machine business in Perth, WA, offering fresh and frozen ice cubes at unbeatable prices. Our vending machine dimensions are 

  • Weight 500kg
  • length 1.17m
  • width 1.20m
  • height 2.45m


 ice vending machine business in Perth, WA

Vending capability

The Ice Rebus vending machine that we provide is an amazing product. With the ability to vend up to 450kg of ice in a 24-hour period, it can provide a reliable and efficient source of ice for a variety of settings, from convenience stores to sporting events.

What makes this vending machine even more impressive is its storage capacity of 180kg. This means that the machine can store a significant amount of ice before needing to be refilled, allowing for a consistent supply of ice throughout the day.

Our requirements

  • Access to10amp power supply 
  • Access to water
  • Accees to drainage 
Rebus ice vending machine

Smart management system

The Rebus ice vending machine with a built-in smart management system that can be managed through a Sub Zero ice tablet or phone offers several benefits that make it a valuable investment for businesses and operators. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Remote Management: The smart management system allows the owner to manage the vending machine remotely from anywhere in the world. 
  2. Real-time Data Analytics: With the smart management system, operators can view real-time data analytics about the machine's performance
  3. Reduced Downtime: With the ability to monitor the machine remotely, operators can address any issues quickly, reducing downtime and maximizing revenue. This helps to ensure that the machine is always available to dispense ice, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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