Our Supplier - Ice Rebus


Our supplier Ice Rebus CRO-450 vending machine is easy to handle and accepts all forms of payment, including credit cards, bills, coins, cashless and more.

Company Rebus is professional manufacturer of specialized machinery and packaged ice. Rebus Company has specialized manufacturing of vending machines and packaged ice as well. In fact, they started the packaged ice business in Croatia and through our network of distributors that sell packaged ice, they introduced ice to people in the best way. Their availability and continuous effort to satisfy customer needs resulted in huge success of their business leading to recognition of our Rebus led-IceRebus brand as brand that stands for quality and reliability.

It makes ice cubes from purified water, resulting in 100% fresh and safe ice cubes. Their ice vending machine is safer than packaged ice, as there is no human factor in the production process.

To get the ice, customers can fetch a bag that is available at the machine, or use their own icebox.

CRO450 has production capacity of 450kg in 24 hours  it makes this ice vending machine  a small ice factory  that can nut run out of ice.


  • Production capacity on a standard model is 450kg in 24 hours
  • Ice is stored and ready for sales
  • Can dispence up to 6 kg at one push of a button
  • Price is seted buy yourself, depending on the market.
  • Storage capacity 180kg